Tahlilgaran Departments

Tahlilgaran company has divided its activity into three main departments of e-learning, software and application, network and security, and by establishing communication between these departments, it has been able to meet the needs of its customers in the best way.

Electronic Education Department

In this unit, the highest quality and most up-to-date electronic contents are produced and presented to the audience using up-to-date standards and using the latest technologies based on SCORM and TIN CAN API standards and based on various outputs such as video, HTML and other desired outputs.

Software and application department

Considering the increasing importance of using software in the new era and the age of communication, having a database for each collection is one of the basic needs, which can be created with the help of websites and mobile applications. The programming team of analysts designs and implements mobile applications and various types of store sites and personal and corporate news portals using their own CMS based on the latest standards.

Network and security department

Network and security is an important part and the main pillar of all businesses and is one of the main needs and concerns of every organization and every body. In this department, the specialists of the company’s network team of analysts examine the organizations’ websites according to their needs, facilities, and existing deficiencies. And they manage the networks based on specialized studies and according to their executive requests.

Tahlilgaran knowledge base company

Accelerating and knowledge-based company of network engineering and information technology analysts, is a private company with the nature of information and communication technology. This company started working in 2008 by a technical and expert team in this field and now it has many honors in the field of network and security, electronic content production, electronic training, virtualization and cloud processing.

Licenses and Permits