By increasing development of Information technology, this industry influences human life in different sizes and shapes and also its useful features create new needs for users. One of the most important fact of technology development is the emergence and spread of computer networks. As networks are vital artery of entire processing systems, then at the same time their implementation need to efficient infrastructure.

Network designing and engineering regarding extraordinary extent and complexity is one of the main concerns of IT managers. If we look at this issue from the network designers’ perspective, a comprehensive plan is essential.  Tahlilgaran network Engineering and information technology Co honors to offer services in the design, implementation and support of computer networks for organizations, offices, factories. These services are implemented in all phases of the project, including the feasibility and design to implementation and monitoring of different parts of the network and optimization projects.

Tahlilgaran engineering company is ready to offer the following services:

  1. Network design of installations and infrastructure communication systems
  2. Consultation, installation of physical network and communication platform (Passive)
  3. Installation of the server room, a variety of servers and network services (Active)
  4. Support and Helpdesk
  5. Educational services


  • Executive management and ICT consulting projects
  • Consulting, design and project managing in the context of secure communication networks
  • Consulting, design and implementation of distance learning and Video Conference
  • Consulting, design and implementation of computer LAN,MAN, WAN and Wireless networks
  • Consulting, design and implementation of VOIP and IP Telelphony
  • Installation and configuration of all Cisco routers and switches
  • Consulting, designing and implementation of networks based on the Internet, intranet and wireless networks




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