In today's world, information as scarce and valuable commodity makes the current modern society as information community. The volume of information, produced and presented to the world, is unimaginable; in this regard, Internet and digital data representation have important roles. Therefore, vast amount of information in today’s world is due to creation of electronic space for storage and representation of data. According to development of E-learning and increasing learning outcomes by electronic devices (hardware or software) are used by text-representation leads to produce electronic content. One of the specification of electronic content is, high attraction, using video memory and its enhancement, and to accomplish this issue, using voice, film, animation, etc.   Tahlilgaran network engineering and information technology Co. considering Iran’s telecommunication infrastructure and also technical standards, international teaching proceed to design and produce the electronic modules for institutions and universities.

Some of the features at producing the electronic content by company are inclusive interaction with the instructor, presenting separate sections, special effects of text and multimedia, and construction and operation educational content with specification such as: Run scripts using text effects and integration of audio and text for course design and course scenarios, collection the files and directory for lessons, image gallery, quick advanced search among topics and context of chapters, taking notes, production dictionaries, view the entire text with print facility, sending email to instructor, Making multiple questions for the whole curriculum in multiple questions, Drag and Drop, typing replies,.. , using of two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation, if needed, for better understanding, changing the format and standard in sound quality and standard Squarm. By using virtual learning system and contents produced, you could observe your learning issues in tree form and choose your desired one from the table of content. Also dynamic specification, this facility will enable manufacturers without the need for complex technical knowledge or need to change the source code, modify, or extend their course content. In this case, you can modify the smallest components including images, text, and multimedia tools will be provided to users. Another facility of the contents produced includes compatibility with various browsers. Because content is fully compatible with HTML and SWF offered. In addition, in features such as the distribution of multimedia content, content playback control, Glossary course, you can take notes in each section of the course for students in the advanced search that have been predicted. Also, progressive rate of a comprehensive online system will be tracked and recorded by the system administrator. Students could be informed about their advancements and the last place where he signed, his study is completed in each visit. Following items are among the features of electronic contents:

  • Unified structure and a logical progression for each subject
  • Benefit from the lessons and review our list of chapters
  • Providing a fully interactive lessons and use of special effects to draw attention and motivate in learning
  • Using multimedia tools, two-dimensional and three-dimensional animation
  • Benefit from the ability to search through content
  • Note-taking
  • Audit advancement through more lessons
  • Benefit from standards Scorm , TinCan API

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