Online exam system is a tool for holding trial exams in Internet. By using this system, you could hold exams in process and even though you could apply this system as Supplements of conventional exams. Online exam is similar to real exams and includes all instructions and, there is no need for the physical presence of volunteers in any test.

Online exam is one of the software products of Tahlilgaran network Engineering and information technology Co and it could be added to learning management system (LMS). Some capabilities of this system are as below:

  • Usable for all multiple-choice tests
  • Adoption to test methods in schools, institutes and universities
  • Provide individual and group detailed record
  • Provide different statistical reports from the participants
  • No limitations on the number of questions and notebooks
  • Hold test at requested time
  • Hold several tests simultaneously
  • Opened and closed tests
  • No limitations on the number of participants and does not require physical space nor physical presence
  • Simplicity in entering both questions and key questions
  • Efficient cost
  • Automatic correction and report immediately



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