Learning management system for setting up a virtual training system in organizations, educational institutions and designed virtual universities and set of tools that provides Web-based virtual learning environments for different users and takes online and network-based capabilities to use.

All learners of specified course, after managed registration, are categorized based on educational field and you could indicate the duration usage of learning content. In this system learning contents are inserted in text, voice and picture and film forms.

After completing the course, the date of exam would be announced via Internet. The questions, depending on the instructors’ diagnosis, are inserted in system in testing or essay forms and for specified time learners could login the system via user credential which are predefined and given by management and in this period set by the instructor, take the test and answer questions, in the response time all students are identifiable and manageable, After completing the test the system will automatically exit from online mode, and users cannot have any access to questions.

In addition to entering in online test session, before the exam, learners should declare their readiness and register to the exam till let them be entered.

After completion of testing session, system will announce the results automatically. The result is manageable, as the results for each learner will be visible only to them, overall the systems for the management and all learners are visible and printable and….

Obviously, this system has some capability such as: Inserting all the educational topics, training calendar includes the course period, headings, content, training, test time and...

In the meantime, in spite of being LMS software in the global market, considering the importance of localizing the software and preventing interference or possible access of aliens to scientific information in country, Tahlilgaran network Engineering and information technology Co, in order to achieve this issue Tahlilgaran learning management system are provided and marketed rely on domestic programmers’ knowledge. It is necessary to emphasize that this is completely indigenous system and the individual components are built by programmers of the company.

Some facilities of e-learning management system (LMS) offered by the company is in below:

  • User-friendly and efficient usage
  • Easy management of users
  • Group or individual registration
  • The ability to launch and support online courses and face to face interaction
  • Video Conference possibility with whiteboard sharing capability
  • The possibility for sending SMS
  • Online testing, course separation with default instructions
  • Conducting a comprehensive or multi-stage tests
  • Preventability in LAN or internal VPN, web or intranet
  •  Setting up on a variety of hardware and software platforms include PHP
  •  HTML editor, for easier text editing
  • The possibility of adding new modules without having to change the entire system
  • Fully observing the principles of security, in order to protect data
  • User management is defined by the customer organization at various levels, including system technical director, director of the education system, teacher and ubiquitous
  • The possibility of default reports and the reports of user activity for any organization including: the separation of each lesson, teaching certificate, and test..



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